Why Accountants should use Landing Page Websites to  Generation a steady flow of Leads and Referrals


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This is customized and included with your landing page 

Your landing page is a leads generation website designed to do just one thing. Generate Leads and Referrals.

Your landing page is the customized open door to your business, positioned as your front door with Banner designed to drive traffic from search engines.

As our FindAnAccountant, direct marketing bring potential clients looking for their next accountant they will click on the links on your landing page website, to easily connect with you or send you a request to contact them.

This way, potential client visitors FindAnAccountant bring to visit your landing page, they will be ready-to-sign clients or referrals Business Owners.

You will be able to engage directly with the potential client, and the required client acquisition sales opportunities

This way, we limit the options available to client visitors, to guide them toward your intended conversion goal.


A welcome video on your landing page Web, will Get more visitors to contact you and become clients.

We will create and feature a welcome video profile presentation on the Landing page, to enhance your internet presence and increase your visitor contacts.

Landing page with video creates 100% more client conversation and qualified leads



     ► A landing page will cause 80% of qualified potential client visitors to your landing page to contact you

►A Landing page with video will get first page listing and promotion on YouTube, Google, Bing and Yahoo in the business category

Videos should be used on your landing pages whenever possible. a welcome video is a passive engagement medium where visitors can experience your message with very little effort.

It has been proven in ROI marketing studies, that using video on your landing page will increase conversion by 80%.

Some reasons why a welcome video will increase your landing page conversion rates:

Videos increase the length of time people stay on your page, giving your business message more time to sink in.

People today prefer to watch a video rather than read.

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