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INTERNET Hosting and Website Management 


Our website hosting and service includes:

Building keywords database exclusive to each practice and services offered.

Website Management and Administration

Semi-annual message update to keep search engines indexing active

Monitoring Internet Uptime

Content Management

enhancement for web dominance

Articles written by accountants and submitted for publishing.

Website edits to the business profile to keep the website fresh

Keywords add-or-edit to make your page attractive to search engines

► Pro-active Marketing.

To enhance the value proposition, we add market driver message delivery to qualified Business Owners and deliver content created by accountants as invitation to drive video play visits to the video on youtube and to the landing page web.

 Our hosting service is super simple.

We get the company its own domain name

We create the website with input from the accountant including graphics

We create the content utilizing the business profile

We create the search engine keywords and publish to search engines

We create up to two email addresses for your own domain name

We publish the website

Once the website is published, accountants can request up to two changes within the first 30 days after publishing and submit change content, including if applicable, royalty free images and graphics.

For content management and news publishing to the website, these must be sent by email as a word document with a publish by date.

Coming soon will be an on-line change submit portal

For accountants that elect to keep the free 30 day welcome video or an upgraded version, on their landing page website, we will customize the video with an engaging message and publish the video to YouTube and other relevant video hosting sites

sample - demo on youtube. click the play buttons




Monthly Fees:  -  $25.00 per month

Our website hosting service is customized and provided exclusively to Accountants in our network to support their Landing Page Website management and administration

These websites are hosted on the Internet under our Canadian Domain Hosting Network















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