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AccountantsWebs, is a set of client acquisition sales, marketing, and promotion websites and landing pages designed to generating leads, referrals and bring accountants new clients. 

These landing page websites with eye catching welcome videos, are well marketed, managed and positioned to help clients looking for their next accountant to find one the easy way and help accountants get more clients without making any sales calls or changes to administrative infrastructure.

These websites, connect accountants and bookkeepers with potential clients by going beyond search engines with direct marketing and video promotion and radio advertising to bring business owners from the small and medium-size business industry to easily find and retain the services of accountants listed in our directories.


This service is an always on No-Cost sales, marketing and leads generation system designed to drive the ACAS client acquisition process for accountants.

This is a unique Client Acquisition promotion system, that needs no effort from accountants and eliminates the need for investing in expensive advertising and keyword traffic purchases 

  Support for your Accounting Practice:        Getting More Leads and Referrals

 Bookkeeping Support


 Accountants Websites


We provide accountants with a unique back-office bookkeeping support service for processing the bookkeeping source information received from truckers.

Our service includes providing accountants with a set of ready financial reports and the required GST-HST filing ready reports. 

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This way accountants acquiring clients from the trucking industry will have the assurance that they can acquire these clients without having to handle the paper document process task or having to grow their service delivery staff or infrastructure cost.



There is a lot of competition in the accounting industry today for clients. For accountants to get found they must find a way to go beyond the traditional advertising so as to position their practice or firm to stand out in the industry crowd.

To get found and get clients, they will need to establish a promotional strategy to get leads and to get new clients.

This includes creating a strong brand with increased visibility and finding a way to put the practice or firm in front of the potential client.

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To enhance the value of our client acquisition marketing and leads generation services to accountants, we position our service  system and strategic to deliver a full service client acquisition system to give accountants in our network, a strong market presence that will allow them to stand out in the crowd, get found by new clients

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This one stop client acquisition system for accountants and bookkeepers, will significantly reduce their client acquisition marketing and advertising cost and create a business-partner-like relationship with one mission. Getting Clients.

These websites hosted and managed by us and will include content marketing links to give visitors information about the accountant and the practice. Read More About Landing Pages. 

The links will include: a business profile, news and articles written and contributed so as to utilize content marketing as well as a client referral link. Click the links below to Read More.


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